Alright, so I’m pretty tired of explaining to everyone why I wear a dog collar and a tail. So, here it is. You guys want to know what I am? I’m me. I’m Haylee. Want to put a label on me? Sure go for it. Here i’ll even help. I’m called a teen wolf. Teen wolves or Teen werewolves are teenagers who believe they are half wolf. They wear collars. They wear chains. They wear tails on their butts and they howl at the moon. They’re basically wolves trapped in human bodies. I guess they don’t have to be teenagers, any age could be half wolf. They don’t transform in appearance but they transform inside. This is a more recent modern thing and was founded by Wolfie Blackheart. Anywho. This tail and collar mean both a bunch to me. If you don’t like it okay cool. I don’t really care. If you do, cool, but don’t judge me because i’m different. If you’re going to judge me and call me names. Just remember you’re the one being immature, and judging others because they’re not like you.